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An exclusive club dedicated to helping you achieve all your dreams

An exclusive club dedicated to helping you achieve all your dreams

As a member of Small Business Hug we will be with you all the way, on a journey that provides everything you need to take your business to a whole new level.

Our growth plans are constructed in a way that will help you understand and put all the necessary things in place to achieve your business goals.

Once a month you will get 1-2-1 mentorship and will get to speak with us, either on the telephone or via video calling, this is your opportunity to discuss your business objectives and get any help required from the experts.

We are always on email and chat too. If ever you need help with your growth plans or have any questions you can simply drop us a note and we will be on hand to help you, whatever your challenge.



Why I created Small Business Hug


I began helping businesses with their websites and marketing over 15 years ago. I have grown lots of companies from zero to hero, all whilst building three of my own, which have provided me with an amazing lifestyle, that today, I’m very proud of. It wasn’t always easy, in fact my story began at rock bottom and things were never handed to me on a plate. Through hard work, grit and determination I carved out a life that helps me to do the things I love, support my family and spend much more valuable time with them.

I’m a self taught, hugely passionate, marketing expert and successful business woman, which means that any business owner can be too. I created Small Business Hug because I get my kicks out of seeing people succeed and making new friendships along the way.

I wanted to create a really great club, just for small business owners, where I can share my experience so that they can significantly benefit from it.

My Co-founder is Warren Lunt and where my skills are digital marketing, Warren has spent years working as a COO, Product Manager or Head of Strategy and has extensive experience in growing significant businesses and taking product to market. With Warren the club can bring expertise to any aspect of your business. He’s a great guy you’ll love him, just ask him for help at anytime and he will be straight back to you with bundles of knowledge tailored to your business!

I’m very excited about this venture and about helping lots of owners transform their small businesses as well as their own personal circumstances. We can do all that whilst having a bit of fun along the way, I really hope you will join me on the journey.

Carrie-ann | Founder

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“Just what I needed, a bit of direction. With a small business I struggle to manage my time and get everything done effectively. They make it easy, the send me lots of great ideas every month that they have discovered themselves and although I dont always get to implement them all, those I do, really deliver results. The added bonus for me is that whenever I need some help or have a questions, all I need to do is ask. Happy days!”

Jennifer Scully | Business Owner

“Wow! About time there’s someone that really cares about me and my business. Loving the growth pack every month guys, keep up the good work. Best, Ian.”

Ian Barker | Le Brunch

“This is really cool! We had varied experiences with marketing agencies in the past and decided to manage everything in house. The growth pack is highly valuable and gives me lots of ideas to consider. Whenever I need help implementing my ideas I just give them a shout and they’re on hand to help me through things. Great work guys!”

Lauren Mallett | Everywalk