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Get unlimited marketing advice, graphics, banners, ads and lots more taken care of for a tiny flat rate

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Just send in your job and consider it done!

Just send in your job and consider it done!

No more searching for freelancers or paying over the odds with marketing agencies. Our experts will create your:

Simple logo’s, graphics, banners, infographics, videos, flyers and email templates

We will happily:

Help you set up online ads, email campaigns and social media pages. Make small changes or fix issues on your website, install a standard plugin, make basic on site SEO changes or even help you set up google analytics to measure the performance of your marketing.

What about a bit of copy writing, some proof reading or even some user testing? We just want to help!

We are always available to:

Answer your marketing questions, give advice on your marketing ideas and provide tips on how to improve your tactics.

Imagine having this resource available to you as and when you need it!

What we can't do!

For our tiny monthly or annual rate we do have to remain realistic. For example we couldn’t:

– Build a new website or overhaul one
– Engage in a large design project or branding exercise
– Manage a full SEO strategy

If you have a job that you are unsure about, just send in your requirements and we will be completely transparent with you.

What we can't do!

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I began helping businesses with their websites and marketing over 15 years ago. I have worked with companies turning over multi millions of pounds, as well as those turning over tens of thousands. I’ve grown my own businesses through digital marketing too.

I’m a self taught, hugely passionate, marketing professional which means that any business owner or manager can be too and I’m motivated by seeing my small business clients succeed and not getting let down just because they struggle with time or cannot justify retaining expensive marketing agencies.

That’s exactly why I created Small Business Hug, so that whatever your need, whether it be advice, marketing ideas or a specific job that needs doing our team of experts will be on hand to just get it sorted for you.

I’m very excited about this venture and about helping lots of Small Businesses. I really hope you will join us on the journey.

Carrie-ann | Founder

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We know some people prefer to try us before they join us and we are more than happy to help you with your first marketing challenge, free of charge.

By doing so you get to see how we work and can then decide whether one of our paid support packages are for you.

Simply fill in the form here and we will be in touch to get your marketing headache ironed out for you.

Why do I need a Small Business Hug?

Why do I need a Small Business Hug?

Every small business spends time they don’t have and money they could do without spending, trying to find decent people every time they need a small job doing. We wanted to take that pain away.

Rather than spending time they don’t have scouring freelance websites, posting job ads and assessing lots of quotes from unfamiliar suppliers, our members simply send their needs in to us and we take care of them.

Our members have no need to worry about how much a job will cost or whether they’ve got the right person every time they need a job doing. They’re happy knowing we have their back!

We just love making people happy!

“Just what I needed. With a small business I don’t have money to pay expensive agencies so I worked with Small Business Hug. They make it easy, all I need to do is ask when I need help and I no longer need to go looking for freelancers for small marketing tasks every time I want to do something.”

Jennifer Scully | Business Owner

“Wow! About time there’s someone that really cares about me and my business. Using Small Business Hug I simply drop them an email with the things I need assistance with and they’re on hand to help. I get to implement my marketing ideas without paying stupid money for advice. My online food ordering business is growing steadily as a result.”

Ian Barker | Le Brunch

“We had varied experiences with marketing agencies and decided to manage everything in house. Small Business Hug is a must for all marketing managers as it provides structure, knowledge and assistance in a very simple format for any digital marketing task. Whenever I need help implementing my ideas I just give them a shout and they’re on hand to help me through things. Great work guys!”

Lauren Mallett | Everywalk

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